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Office Location Change:

The Prosser Auditor's Recording/Licensing Divisions will be closed intermittently February 18 & 19 as we prepare to relocate our offices. Our new location will still be on the 1st floor of the Prosser Courthouse.

If you need immediate assistance you may contact:
Benton County Auditor 5600 W Canal, Kennewick
Tri Cities Licensing 1385 George Washington Way, Richland
Tri Cities Licensing 3400 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick

Other DOL locations
Benton County Auditor 5600 W Canal, Kennewick

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Voter Registration

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Find information about the upcoming election, including candidate information.

Document Recording

Information about recording fees, requirements, or document search online.

Marriage Licensing

Apply for your license online and prepare to finalize your application in-person..

Vehicle Licensing

Renew your tabs or find information about buying or selling a vehicle.


Review monthly and annual financial reports.

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The Benton County Auditor's Office is committed to excellence in public service, fiscal responsibility, easy access to information, and efficient operations in its key services of elections, licensing, recording and financial services.

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