Current Election

Current Election

Key Dates

Date Event
January 15 Deadline for mail-in & online voter registration
January 24 Ballots Mailed
February 5 Deadline for in-person registration
February 13 Election Day
February 23 Certification


The February Special Election features 8 local ballot measures submitted by 5 school districts. Districts may place bond and levy issues on any regularly scheduled election. Each ballot measure may have different requirements for passage. Excess levies for schools are exempt from the 60% super-majority and 40% minimum turnout requirements. Passage of excess levies for schools only requires a simple majority of yes votes.

After certification of the election, the district determines if the ballot measure has passed according to the requirements set in state law.

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Ballot Return Statistics

  • richland
  • prosser
  • west richland
  • benton city